Ouzoud Waterfalls : Towering waterfalls in Mountain scenery


Discover the breathtaking Cascades of Ouzoud, located just 2.5 hours (150km) northeast of Marrakesh in the mesmerizing Middle Atlas Mountains. These magnificent waterfalls are celebrated as one of the most captivating natural wonders in all of Morocco, making them an essential addition to your Marrakech itinerary.

Standing tall at over 100 meters, the Ouzoud Waterfalls are at their most photogenic during the mid-afternoon, when the sun casts a magical glow and creates stunning rainbows. While the currents in the pools at the falls’ base require caution, visitors can still enjoy a refreshing dip.

The surroundings are equally enchanting, with working watermills, olive trees (Ouzoud in Berber), and a fabulous landscape that has garnered attention from preservation associations. For the more adventurous, the area offers excellent opportunities for short treks, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty.


At a little more than 2.5 hours (150km) north east of Marrakesh in the Middle Atlas Mountains are the Cascades of Ouzoud. The waterfalls are considered to be one of the most magnificent sights in the whole of Morocco, and definitely
worth a visit if you are visiting Marrakech.
The falls, at over 100m high, are most photogenic in the mid afternoon when the sun starts to hit them and fabulous rainbows form. Although the currents in the pools at the bottom of the falls are treacherous, it is possible to take a refreshing dip in them.
Around the falls are several working watermills, olive (Ouzoud in Berber) trees and fabulous landscape, the focus of many preservation associations. For the more energetic, the area lends itself well to short treks.
Although the area attracts a number of visitors, its good walks and cafes are rarely overrrun, although it can be busy at weekends.
The trip starts at 8 :00 a.m from Marrakech and lasts for about 2 hours 40 mints. Great landscape one the way, short stops for pictures. Then we continue to visit imi ifri then head towards the falls.

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Ouzoud Waterfalls : Towering waterfalls in Mountain scenery
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